Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blessings for all

“… for He makes His sun to rise on bad and good…” – Matthew 5:45

Have you noticed how that lazy, stubborn, good-for-nothing bum breathes the same air that you breathe — for free?
Do you see how that loudmouth, backstabbing, slandering neighbor or classmate or officemate of yours get warmed by the same sun and showered by the same rain? Observe how all people are blessed by God every day. Why? Because God loves them all. God loves us all.

But here’s the catch.

Notice how loving, generous, forgiving, grateful, peaceful, prayerful and happy people seem to get “more of God’s blessings”? It’s because they are the ones who are more open to receive them.

But realize that God never stops blessing those who are seemingly “closed” to these blessings. Grace, mercy, healing, miracles are there for the taking — anytime — if they open themselves to God. In fact, many of God’s supply — like the air, the sun, the rain — just keep on coming. And only fools will close themselves to these. Which means God does not stop loving them.

Now why should you give up on them… or give up on yourself?

(KYRGMA Family)

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