Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two phases of my Christian life

The initial phase includes the first time I was called by God (2000) to serve Him until the very moment I went back to my old ways due to things that I don’t have so much control. I began doing ugly stuff, vices here and there. Beer, lots of beer for a better cheers!

I lost my faith. I stopped trusting God’s power and like what most backsliders do, I relied on my own understanding unaware that what I am doing would benefit the devil and on the other hand it would certainly destroy the most precious temple, our body, the temple of the Holy Spirit!

But God is really good after all. After several years of ‘hiding’ from Him, (as if I can literally hide from God) He brought me be back to His loving arms. He used some of my Christian friends to convince me that life without God would be futile. They let me realize that there is no other way to salvation but through Christ. Without His love and compassion my life would certainly be empty. It would be dull and worthless! Meaningless!

In layman’s term I was given another chance. A rare opportunity to prove that I’m really worthy to be called a Christian after all what I’ve done and I won’t waste this opportunity. I’ll follow my calling and His will. I know this is tough but who can be against me if God is with me, right?

So be it. Lord let's go! :)


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